Saturday, February 19, 2011


The Last little while has been the same old same old... School, Work and more School with a few little events thrown in! On our anniversary on Dec 18, Keato and I sealed the deal and went through the St George Temple. It was quite an experience!
Keato and I sealed for time and eternity!
The Bale Girls, Minus Erin!
My two favorite girlies and I, Mikaela and Amanda. Love Them!!
Keato and I at the temple!
When we got back from our anniversary trip we came home to this major flooding! It was quite the scene!
I ended up taking a bunch of pictures and sent them to the news and they used them! It was awesome!
Here are some pictures from Christmas:

Christmas Day was a BEAUTIFUL day to take pictures of the temple so I snatched up the opportunity and I'm pretty pleased!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving was perfect this year! It was so nice to relax and not stress about school or work! We ended up going over to my parents house and eating and the food was amazing!! Normally turkey isn't my favorite but when my took it out and had me try it I fell in LOVE with it! It was so juicy and had so much flavor to it!

Keato and I waiting for the food to be done!
Dad and I after filling our tummys!
Do you think we look alike?

My amazing parents!! I don't know what I'd do without them! They are the best people I know in the whole world!
After we rested and digested we took our cousins, my siblings, two 22's and two shotguns out to the washington dam. It was really fun!

We filled up the shell box with shells in it and threw it up in the air and Keato hit it on the first try!

This is my cousin Aevri! I snap shots of her every time I see her cuz she is the cutest little baby!
So this year we attempted the early bird black friday but oh my heck it was crazy! We wanted to go to walmart but there was absolutely no parking. It went all the way to home depot and everywhere was crazy too so we just called it a night and went to sleep. I don't remember last year being so crazy. Maybe next year... Maybe not...

Friday, October 15, 2010

My new Niece Ambree!!!

She's finally here!! And she is a doll!! Keat's brother Ryan and his wife Kasey just had their first baby and she is a doll!!! I was waiting for Kasey to tell her great news and post pictures before I jumped on it and she has so I just had to post these!! Baby Ambree was born on 10-10-10 @ 10:15 and she weighed 8 lbs 3 oz! I just LOVE her to death!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good times!

This past week has been pretty eventful! My little brother Branson ran the marathon with our aunt and cousin. I am so proud of him! He ran last year too!

Branson finishing:
Annette finishing:
Joelle finishing:

Besides the marathon, we've had a lot of football to watch! My brother Kyson has had an awesome season so far. He gets the job done!
I am so glad I got these pictures!

Keaton has been coaching this season with my dad for the 8th grade Desert Hills team. I love it!
Keato and My dad talking to the boys after the game:
My other brother Clay is playing football too! He had a really good start this season and then got hurt. No one believed him and we kept making him play.. He was having a hard time considering how good he was in the beginning. So my dad took him in for an xray. And sure enough he tore his hamstring all the way. So this was his last game:

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Life has been a little crazy over at our house! I'm working full time for Staheli Distributing, Arrowhead Waste and Staheli Laundry. All of these companies are owned by my Uncle and make up one big company called Staheli Enterprises. I just found out that the manager for Arrowhead Waste (the garbage side of the business) is going to be out of the office doing sells so guess what that means?! I'm going to be in charge of the Garbage side! It scares me to think that a company is going to be in my hands! But I know I can do it!

On top of working full time, I'm currently enrolled in 12 credit hours at Dixie. I'm taking visual technology classes and I love my homework!! It's very time consuming but so much fun! And my teachers are the bomb! Here are the first two assignments I had to do! I did these in illustrator.

Keaton is still working as a CNA and he is taking 15 credit hours! I'm so proud of him! He's doing such a good job!

Other than working and school, Life is good!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I love my life!

I love my life!
I love my husband!
I love my family!
I love my job!
I love my life!
And that's pretty much it for now!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Car!

We got a new car and love it!! We have been talking about a new car for awhile now and Keat told me if I saved up a certain amount of money that I could get a car! We test drove a bunch and looked everywhere! Finally we found a hyundai dealership in Provo that is very very very good priced!! We thought it was to good to be true but it wasn't! So we got the car!! I LOVE it!